So, i’m really bad at blogging!

I have totally slacked on this whole blogging thing. In fact I have about 15 half finished posts on my computer! But, i’m making it my mission to do better! So expect lots of crafts soon, and maybe some beauty. Also, home makeover stuff! Seeing as we just bought our first home!! But i’m writing today to ask a favor of anyone who may read this. My son Mason has an ultra rare seizure disorder called Infantile Spasms (IS) (and I promise to do a post all about his journey through it soon, that one is half finished as well.) As a result of this condition he is significantly developmentally delayed. The organization that  provides his therapies is doing a Facebook photo contest, and the photo that has the most likes on Facebook by Noon Central Time on Friday April 25th wins an iPad Mini! Why does a 2 (almost 3) year old need an iPad Mini, you ask? Well, they really don’t. However there are dozens of apps (probably more we haven’t seen yet) available on iTunes that he uses during his various therapy sessions. The problem is none of them are available on Android devices, which means outside of his sessions he currently doesn’t have access to them. So i am asking (begging, pleading if you will) all of you who read this post to go vote for him by liking the picture on Facebook, and if you’re feeling generous, maybe share it with your friends and ask them to vote as well! I’ll attach the link to the picture below! And again, sorry I suck at blogging, but i’ll post more soon! Promise!



This is the photo you’ll vote for, he’s really cute, right?